Why Olous?

Olous is World’s First application for professionals in Construction, that brings them together on one Platform to Share and Gain Knowledge, Network, Build an impressive Infographic CV and apply to trending Jobs. Olous is an aggregator platform for Construction, it aggregates Articles, Blogs, and Industry's latest updates to help you search for anything and everything in Construction.

What features on Olous can help me as a student/professional?

On Olous you can watch informative videos, stay up to date with the latest in construction and connect with industry professionals with our networking feature.
You can use it on a daily basis to perform a number of activities and connect with the world of global construction professionals and businesses.

Networking as a student: If you are looking to take your career to the next level, then you need a strong network. Develop meaningful relations by connecting with fellow professionals, mentors, and businesses on Olous to up your career.

Networking as a Professional: Connecting with professionals from the same industry is a MUST. With Olous you get to network with people around the world, ultimately growing your professional network exponentially.

Become an Influencer: Olous is a content-sharing platform mainly for the construction industry. Your posts on Olous gets noticed by Industry Professionals, Recruiters, and Businesses.

Did you know that if you become popular on Olous, you can earn money? Yes, you can! Businesses need influencers and you can become one and earn out of it.

Infographic CV: If you are looking to make your CV stand out, then you must try and build an Olous Infographic CV. Simply fill in your profile information in the provided section and Olous automatically develops a cool-looking Infographic CV for you.

Just what Recruiters and Employers need.

Jobs: Apply to Jobs curated just for you using Olous Infographic CV.

Learn: Videos have always been the most useful format for learning. On Olous you can stay updated and learn through Olous infotainment videos and content published by fellow professionals.

Articles: Olous aggregates articles from various Construction sites to make them handy and easily accessible for you on one platform. These articles are curated so that you get exactly what you are looking for.

Who gets to see my Profile?

A glimpse of your profile is displayed to everyone on/off Olous App and people who aren't Olous Users will be prompted to sign up or sign in to view activities of your profile. By creating a profile on Olous, you become searchable on Google too. It is important to note that your contact details are never revealed to anyone unless you voluntarily apply for a Job on Olous using Olous Infographic CV.

How do I apply to Jobs on Olous?

Click on Jobs to explore current openings as per your requirements. If you find a job that matches your profile, click on Apply and your application will be submitted with your Infographic CV.

Note: Complete your profile before applying for jobs to get relevant and quick responses from recruiters.

Can I post Jobs on Olous?

Yes, you can. You simply have to create a Business account and post Jobs. Olous team can help you with it and you can contact us on support@olous.app

Olous helps you to reach a wide range of qualified candidates mainly in the construction industry.

You can even post a Job through your posts and it will reach your follower base.

How can Olous help me as a Business?

You can create your business profile/ company page on Olous and market your products and services to the global construction industry. You can post and keep the Olous Community updated on developments in your Business. Today’s Business world starts with getting visible and Olous makes you visible to your customers of tomorrow. You have to do only one thing, i.e., stay active through your Business Profile and post through it to increase your follower base and reach.

Olous will also direct leads that get generated on the platform to you if the lead matches your Business profile.

You can also connect and network with other businesses and professionals with our Direct Messaging feature.

Why spend on marketing your business on different platforms? When everyone from the construction industry is here on OLOUS.

How can Olous help me with my Projects?

If you have any Project requirement, such as, need for a Consultant, Contractor, Material, Manufacturer, etc., then you simply have to submit your requirement on Business Page in ‘Need a Vendor’. Upon receipt of your requirement, Olous team will work for you and connect you to the right Business or Professional.

You can also post your requirement on your timeline to reach out to your follower base.

How does Olous take care of my Privacy?

Olous is very particular when it comes to user data. We have strict policy and guidelines for your privacy and data. Our mission is to connect global construction professionals, Olous allows every professional to be more productive and successful. We aim to be transparent about the data we collect about you and how it is used within the Olous environment for the benefit of users.

If you have any questions or complaints regarding our policy, Connect with us on Olous Direct Messaging or reach out to us at support@olous.app.